Health Benefits of Strawberries

Strawberries don’t contain fat and have very low calorie content as well, the fruit is also fiber rich with a high concentration of folic acid. Strawberries also have a high concentration of Potassium and Vitamin C, Vitamin C helps to improve the body’s metabolic weight and this is important for weight loss, while potassium aids the body in regulating BP. Strawberries are unique to other berries in that they have the highest concentration ascorbic acid among berries, and the Fructose in this fruit gives it it’s flavor and it is also an appetite suppressant which makes it ideal if you are trying maintain a healthy weight. A good way to store the fruit, so you can have access to it all year round is freezing strawberries.

Health Facts Of Strawberries

A single serving(approximates to eight mid-sized berries) adds up to a mere 50 calories with zero fat.

The pectin contained in this fruit is fiber-rich, and it helps prevent overeating, since the fiber will make you feel satisfied. Ellagic acid is also abundant in strawberries that has tremendous health benefits, chief among which is cancer-preventing.

Strawberries contain the substancce phytonutrient anthocyanine, this phytonutrient anthocyanine is entirely responsible for the fruit’s dark red coloration, interestingly, phytonutrient anthocyanine also helps the Liver to breakdown and flushes out harmful toxins from the body.

Threonine is also found in strawberries and it is an important amino acid which aids our digestion. Methionine another amino acid found in strawberries is important for regulating our body systems’s fluid levels.

Arginine, an important amino acid which helps to prevent weight gain, is also found in strawberries. The absence of arginine from one’s diet will lead to a reduced production of spermatozoa.

Valine, isoleucine and leucein are three more important amino acids which strawberries have, they assist the body with the rregulation of blood sugar(keeping it low). Additionally, they should be a very important part of your nutrition if you want to maintain bulk muscle.

Strawberry Season
This is prime strawberry season, and if you are like me, there will be one thing on your mind and that is finding out the best way to store strawberries, this could pay off for you, because it can enable you make smoothies all year long, and as for making all those mouth watering smoothies, check out these strawberry smoothie recipe.

Health benefits of strawberry fruit.
Health benefits of strawberry fruit.

The Healthy Way To Care For Oily Skin

Oily skin is characterized by excessive secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands. To avoid the appearance of pimples and too much oil on his skin, here are our tips on how to treat oily skin.

What are the characteristics of an oily skin?

Oily skin can be linked to several factors: heredity, hormonal imbalances, stress, pollution, tobacco and climate change. It is characterized by a significant production of sebum, called “seborrhea”. The skin is oily and shiny – especially at T-zones (forehead, nose and chin) – and it becomes the breeding ground for pimples, blackheads and all kinds of impurities that clog pores and suffocate the skin. Note: oily skin is also often associated with an oily scalp.

If it comes with acne, it is best to consult a dermatologist. Also if oily skin is accompanied by bouts of excessive hair, it is better to seek the advice of a dermatologist because it can be a hormonal disorder (such as, puberty, wrong dosage of pills, pregnancy etc.). In some cases, drugs or hormonal treatment is required.

My oily skin daily, How to clean oily skin?

It is recommended that you clean oily skin twice daily (morning and evening) with mild hygiene products such as syndets or supergrass breads that are free of alcohol and soap (which increases the production of sebum). It is also possible to apply a special lotion “oily” or mi-cellar water that cleans and removes gently. Avoid: detergents that attack the skin and that, contrary to what one might think, tend to favor the production of sebum. For skin whitening use revitol skin lightening cream.

Should you moisturize oily skin?

Moisturizing of your skin is essential, even when it is oily. However, choose a moisturizer with an ultra light texture; a mattifying cream, for example, absorbs excess oil using “blotting powder” and in the longer-term balances the skin with two essential elements, copper and zinc.

What about the scrubs?

Oily skin gets dirty faster than others, so it is essential to carry scrubs. However, too much cleansing and too frequent cleaning promotes what is called rebound effect, that is to say an overproduction of sebum (the opposite of what is desired!). A scrub once a week is enough. In addition, it is necessary to make masks clay twice per month. The clay absorbs excess sebum and regulates its production.

How to make-up with oily skin?

The use of makeup when you have oily skin is not against-indication, but be sure to pick the right products. Using a tinted cream or skin covering products will make the situation worse by causing inflammatory attacks and by fostering the emergence of all kinds of impurities such as blackheads. Better to choose a light foundation or mineral foundation that absorbs excess oil in texture powder. You should chose Products labeled “non-comedogenic”.

My oily skin and exposure to sunlight
If the sun provides improved skin condition for oilly skin, it is only temporary. The result is often an increase in sebum production and buttons. To avoid this rebound effect, use suitable sun protection, non-comedogenic and mineral products. you can read this article for a complete guide
Oily skin and diet
We often hear that a large supply of fatty and sugary foods (meats, sweets …) causes a surge of sebum. Yet there is no proven link between these foods and oily skin. Anyway, a balanced and reasonable diet can only be beneficial to the health of your skin.

Thank you to Dr. Vincent Durosier, medical director of Ducray.

Why Are Flight Simulator Games So Popular?

People indulge in flight simulator online games for a wide variety of reasons. Some are looking for the lawful experience of virtual flying . Some are really into the combat component of flight simulator games game. Other people are more alive to in taking tours through history and enjoying the experience of “flying” in various planes, checking out the cockpits, and exploring the differences in these older model planes when compared with the latest planes with current technology, jets, helicopters, and fighters we have today.

The best combat flight simulators are going to be the ones that piques the interest and engages the mind of everyone, the interest in flight simulator games cuts across geographical and demographic lines, which is something of note for a game in the gaming genre. Here are my honest take about a handful of the most essential components that one should bear in mind when you finally decide it is time to take to the skies in a flight sim, whether on Virtual pilot 3D or flight simulator x or some other combat flight simulator.

Flight simulator games

There is nothing that can accelerate the popularity or smash even the best flight simulator 2015 are games that are faster than it’s collection of planes. The collection of airplanes that are available in a flight sim game is very pivotal to it’s success. People like flight simulators because they are able to experiment with them, just like you would a vehicle, the thing is the older models of airplanes are bit dear to the hearts of many for sometime sentimental reasons. The planes are definitely the bread and butter of this gaming genre. You want to settle for games that offer a solid selection of planes, different views of the plane to keep things interesting, and controls that feel natural for the plane during the period of time it is flying.

The Places
Another well-known factor to keep at the back of one’s mind are the locations in the game. “The Plentiful the locations, the better” is a general rule of thumb that you should abide by, but when it comes to the flight simulator x planes, and so many other games out there, it’s better to have locations that are authentic and upright in terms of planet earth than to have a ton of fictitious locations. You also want to be fairly positive that the locations in the game are consistent with loyal places on the planet. A flight in the flight sim from New York to Chicago should be approximately the-same distance in the game as it would be if you were to actually board a flight from New York to Chicago.

The irony is that while many a gamer would be keen in an airplane simulator game purely as a means of relaxation and escaping the actual world, only to want the world within the game to mirror the real world as closely as possible. I’m positive that quite a number of psychologists would have had their field day trying to figure out the reason for this seeming contradiction. It’s more than impartial finding a flight simulator joystick that provides a puny bit of feedback from the game. It’s the entire experience. You want the most realistic cockpits, maps, aerodynamics, and even weather that can be found in a flight sim game. These are the traits that separates the casual gamer from the avid dedicated fans of flight sim games. If you’re looking for a truly authentic experience with airplane games, then you’d be doing yourself a ton of good to separate the hype from the facts.